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Jagiellonian Trail

Travel to the past 1386-1611: 
the footsteps of kings, merchants ... and artists

In 1386 the Grand Duke Jagiello of Lithuania, residing in Vilnius, he went on a trip to the Polish, hoping to cover in her government. After crossing the Polish-Lithuanian bordercame to Lublin, where the knights gathered at a congress elected him candidate for the crown. Formed the unionDuke opened the way for the Polish throne. Along with the numerous retinue followed it to the metropolitan of Krakow. After the baptism, in which he was given the name of Vladislav and his marriage to Queen Jadwiga, received the promised crown. From the famous expedition founder of the dynasty began an extraordinary career of the European highway linking the capital of Polish and Lithuanian.Highway Kraków - Lublin - Vilnius repeatedly traversed the royal suites now. It was also often frequented trade routeand itinerary officials, diplomats, the knights, clergy, scholars, artists and others. With the establishment of the Diet of Lublin in 1569, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth became the most common way the state. New, stronger union has made this route played a big role even after the childless death ofSigismund Augustus in 1572, marked the beginning of his downfall before the transfer of the royal residence to Warsaw by Sigismund III Vasa, Who settled it permanently in 1611In the years 1386-1611 "Trail Jagiellonian" served as a European cultural route, combining Latin and Byzantine civilization. Benefited from it by performing a unique integration processes, and therefore aspires to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. After several centuries of cultural panorama has changed substantially, but still find on it, royal castles, tombs Jagiello, souvenirs of the Polish-Lithuanian cities and suburbs in the walls, the cathedral and other churches, frescoes of Byzantine-Ruthenian, Natural roads, bazaars, etc. So us follow this trail in the footsteps of our ancestors: the kings, merchants and artists ....In 2010, because of the 600th Grunwald victory anniversary - celebrated in Poland, Belarus and Lithuania - suggest you first visit to these places, which are linked to the cultural panorama of the "Route of the Jagiellonian" in the shape of 1410Rulers of the Polish Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Lithuania, preparing and conducting in the years 1409-1411 a great war with the Teutonic Knights, benefited from the highway connecting the capital of Krakow and Vilnius. He was like a bowstring, which released the arrow into the fields of Grunwald. After Jagiello chose Lublin to commemorate the joint victory. Also in other places on the "Route Jagiellonian" Grunwald left mementos.